Sennheiser’s 75th anniversary promotions

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The super-cardioid e 865 condenser microphone is an ideal choice for speech and vocals

Sennheiser 75 years Anniversary.

Mic’s of the Month Promotion

Sennheiser e 865 or e 865-S

99€* 249€

Promotion valid until 29th of February 2020 or end of stock.


Sensitive to every nuance – tough on the road
The evolution e 865 stage microphone is the perfect entry point into the condenser class, picking up the finest nuances in sound and delivering wide dynamics. Whether the singer or speaker is right in front of the mic, farther away or even slightly off-axis, the natural sound of the e 865 is dependably consistent. This detailed precision sound is combined with the full-metal ruggedness of the evolution series. The e 865 easily cuts through the mix and is able to handle high sound pressure levels. Its high rejection of handling noise and excellent feedback rejection make the e 865 a reliable partner for any live audio application.

The evolution e 865 combines the detail and precision of a condenser mic with the ruggedness and stage-worthiness of the evolution series

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