Tascam produces the most comprehensive line of audio recorders, mixers and related equipment in the pro audio industry, home recording and post-production.

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Tascam Pricelist

DATE: 17/07/2017

AK-CC25SSD / HDD (empty) Caddy Case for SSD into the DA-640099,00 €
AK-DR10CHSHURE Jack-set for DR-10C-Series45,00 €
AK-DR10CRSONY/RAMSA Jack-set for DR-10C-Series133,00 €
AK-DR11CAccessory Kit DR-Series incl.SoftCase,WS-11,ShoeMount Adapter,Attenuater and Splitter Cable45,00 €
AK-DR11GMK2Windscreen, Grip, Power Supply PS-P520E, Soft carrying-case36,00 €
AK-DR70CAccessory-Pack DR-70D: Windscreen, StereoMini-Jack-Cable, Shoe-Mount56,00 €
BD-01UThe BD-01U is a single-rackspace Blu-ray player for installation.449,00 €
BP-6AAExternal Battery Housing for 6 x AA batteries/accus45,00 €
BP-L2Accu-Pack DR-1/GT-R1/DR-100/DR-100MK249,00 €
CD-200CD-Player279,00 €
CD-200BTCD-Player with Bluetooth Receiver function399,00 €
CD-200iLCD-Player with iPodDock + extra Front - AuxIn429,00 €
CD-200SBCD-Player with SD and USB input449,00 €
CD-500Prof.CD-Player499,00 €
CD-500BProf. CD-Player, balanced outputs599,00 €
CD-6010Prof."Broadcast" CD-PLayer, 2U and Tray type CD999,00 €
CD-A580Cassette, USB & CD Player/Recorder399,00 €
CD-BT2CD Bass Trainer139,00 €
CD-GT2CD Guitar Trainer139,00 €
CD-RW900MK2CD-Recorder479,00 €
CD-RW901MK2CD-Recorder, 19' rack - 2U798,00 €
CG-1000Master-Clock Generator1.232,00 €
CG-1800Master-Clock Generator1.626,00 €
CG-2000Master-Clock Generator2.866,00 €
CS-DR680Soft Carrying Case DR-68091,00 €
DA-30002ch HighDefinition Auio Recorder/ADDA Conv. PCM + DSD Rec., SD/SDHC-CF-USB1.079,00 €
DA-640064-Track Audio Recorder incl. AK-CC25 and 240GB SSD3.499,00 €
DA-6400DP64-Track Audio Recorder for/on SSD, Dual Power with 2 x inlets3.999,00 €
DP-0066-track Digital PocketStudio, SD-Card149,00 €
DP-008EX8-track Digital PocketStudio, SD-Card229,00 €
DP-03SD8-track Digital PortaStudio, SD-Card Recording299,00 €
DP-24SD24-track Digital PortaStudio (8xMono/12xStereo), SD-Card495,00 €
DP-32SD32-track Digital PortaStudio (8xMono/12xStereo), SD-Card539,00 €
DR-05V2Handheld Dig.Recorder, microSD (4GB), FirmWare update 2.099,00 €
DR-100MK3Prof.handheld Recorder399,00 €
DR-10CHDigital Audio Recorder, Mic-Plug-On for SHURE System Connector229,00 €
DR-10CSDigital Audio Recorder, Mic-Plug-On for Sennheiser Wireless System Connector229,00 €
DR-10LDigital Audio Recorder With Lavalier Microphone199,00 €
DR-10SGDSLR-Audiorecorder, incl. mounted shotgun microphone, microSD/microSDHC (bis 32 GB), Micro-USB149,00 €
DR-10XDigital Audio Recorder, Mic-Plug-On with XLR Connector185,00 €
DR-22WLHandheld Dig.Recorder, Wi-Fi function, 4GB microSD149,00 €
DR-40V2Handheld Dig.Recorder, XLR MicIn, 4-track recording, F/W 2.0 & 2GB microSD198,00 €
DR-44WLHandheld Dig.Recorder, up to 4 inputs and 4-track, Wi-Fi function, 4GB microSD299,00 €
DR-60DMK2Prof.Multi-Track Audio-Recorder for DSLR-Cameras199,00 €
DR-680MK2Multitrack Field Recorder, SD-Card, 6-track + stereo mix699,00 €
DR-701DCompact, professional-grade audio recorder designed to be used in combination with a DSLR camera (also usable as a standalone field recorder)599,00 €
DR-70DProf.Multi-Track Audio-Recorder for DSLR-Cameras299,00 €
DV-D01UProf. DVD-Player 19"/1HE449,00 €
GB-10Guitar& Bass Trainer/Recorder, SD-Card149,00 €
HS-202-Channel Prof. Audio Recorder/Player, CompactFlash + SD1.349,00 €
HS-P828-track portable Field-Recorder, Dual CompactFlash2.565,00 €
IF-AE16AES/EBU ( input / outpu ) Interface card for DA-6400/DA-6400DP, 16 channels699,00 €
IF-AN16-OUT16-channel analogue output card, 64Pin SUB-D675,00 €
IF-DA2DANTE extension card for SS-R200N / SS-CDR250N295,00 €
IF-DA64DANTE Interface Card for DA-6400999,00 €
IF-MA64-BNBNC MADI Interface Card for DA-6400499,00 €
IF-MA64-EXBNC + optical MADI Interface / Thru Card for DA-6400999,00 €
IXRUSB Audio/MIDI Interface, 2in/2out149,00 €
IXZMic/Guitar Interface for iPad, iPhone and iPod49,00 €
LA-40MK34-Ch. Line Converter, bi-directional in/out399,00 €
LA-80MK2LineConverter unbalanced ->balanced399,00 €
LA-81MK2LineConverter balanced -->unbalanced399,00 €
LA-MC1Balance Kit MD-CD1(MK2+3)155,00 €
LM-8STLine Mixer, 1U-19"399,00 €
MD-CD1MK3MD-Recorder/Player & CD-Player Combination899,00 €
MH-88-Channel Headphone Amp (19"/1U)399,00 €
PS-P520EUniversal AC adapter for products powered by DC 5V (trainers, tuners, handheld recorders etc.)29,00 €
RC-10Cable Remote Control DR-4039,00 €
RC-20FlashStart Controller for CD-500 Series, SS-Series and more195,00 €
RC-3FFoot Switch for LR-/GB-10, DP-03 and others49,00 €
RC-900JOG/Shuttle/Keys Rem.Control HS-2,2000,4000;SS-R200,-CDR200; CD-6010,-9010 +-CF985,00 €
RC-F82FaderUnit for HS-P82990,00 €
RC-HS20PDFlashStart Controller for HS Recorders1.998,00 €
RC-HS32PDFlashStart Controller for HS-2000 + HS-40003.990,00 €
RC-SS150Direct play remote control for SS-R200N and SS-CDR250N, incl. 4,5 Meter Cable395,00 €
RC-SS20FlashStart Controller for SS-Series, HD-R1999,00 €
SD-20MThe SD-20M is a simple-to-use solid-state recorder at a breakthrough price.249,00 €
SS-CDR200CF/SD+CD-RW+USB Rec./Player balanced in/out1.129,00 €
SS-CDR250NNetworkable Solid-State/CD Audio Recorder995,00 €
SS-R100CF/SD + USB Rec./Player, Cinch in/out, Digital in/out525,00 €
SS-R200CF/SD + USB Rec./Player, balnaced in/out665,00 €
SS-R250N19", 1HE, Solid-State-Audiorecorder, SD-, CF- or USB-Media, Pitch-Control798,00 €
SY-2TimeCode, RS-422 Interface-Card for HS-21.495,00 €
TA-1VPVocal Effect Processor395,00 €
TM-180Large-diaphragm condenser microphone, incl. suspension shockmount, soft case, hard case, 5/8-inch to 3/8-inch screw adapter149,00 €
TM-280Large-diaphragm condenser microphone, 34-mm gold-plated diaphragm with a cardioid , suspension shockmount, pop filter, flight case, 5/8-inch to 3/8-inch screw adapter239,00 €
TM-2XStereo Plug-In X-Y Microphone for DSLR-Cameras99,00 €
TM-60Battery ( AA Type )-powered condenser microphone, unidirectional pattern59,00 €
TM-80Cardioid Cond.Microphone for vocals and instruments65,00 €
TM-AG1Microphone pop filter incl. Gooseneck and mounting adapters19,00 €
TM-AR1Acoustic control filter, 5/8-inch to 3/8-inch screw adapter included, Dimensions (W × H × D): 400 mm × 320 mm × 260 mm, 3kg149,00 €
TM-DRUMSDrum Kit Microphone set : 1x Bass Drum + 1xSnare, 2 x Cond.Overhead195,00 €
TSSD-240ASolid State Drive 240G for the DA-6400329,00 €
TSSD-480A2.5-inch serial ATA SSD (480 GB), SSD operation has been tested with the DA-6400599,00 €
UH-7000USB Audio Interface, Mic-In, stand alone AD-converter449,00 €
US-16x08USB Audio Interface, 16-in / 8-out, 1HE + 19'rack-mounts299,00 €
US-1x2USB Audio Interface99,00 €
US-20X20USB Audio Interface, 20-in / 20-out, 1HE + 19'rack-mounts525,00 €
US-2X2USB Audio Interface, 2in/2out139,00 €
US-2X2TPTrackpack 2x2 : ea. 1 x US-2x2/TH-02/TM-80199,00 €
US-32MiniStudio-Series "Personal" / USB Audio Interface129,00 €
US-42MiniStudio-Series "Creator" / USB Audio Interface179,00 €
US-4X4USB Audio Interface, 4-in / 4-out219,00 €
US-4X4TPTrackpack 4x4 : 1 x US-4X4 + ea. 2 x TH-02/TM-80329,00 €
VL-S33" - Powered Monitor Speaker : 1 x pcs. is one PAIR !!99,00 €
VL-S3BTPower amplifier output: 14 W + 14 W (left speaker cabinet contains the power amplifier). 3-inch woofer, 0.5-inch tweeter.119,00 €
VL-S55' Powered Monitor Speaker : 2 x pcs. are one PAIR !!116,00 €
WS-11"WindJammer" for GT-R1,DR-1,DR-2D,DR-05,DR-07,DR-07MK2,DFR-40,DR-100,DR-100MK237,00 €

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