RF Venue makes wireless microphones and in-ear monitors work and sound better with patented antennas, RF signal distribution systems, and spectrum analysis tools.

Distribution: Benelux


RF Venue Pricelist

Date: 01/10/2020
Ref: RFV011020
RFV-10281Protective cover for antennas49,00 €
RFV-24BEAMHigh Gain Helical Antenna for 2.4 GHz449,00 €
RFV-2X1SPLITPassive Splitter/Combiner112,50 €
RFV-4ZONE-E4 Zone Antenna Combiner for Wireless Receivers875,00 €
RFV-BPF470T560Bandpass Filter 470-560MHz441,00 €
RFV-BPF560T608Bandpass Filter 560-608MHz441,00 €
RFV-COMBINE4ECombine4 IEM Antenna Combiner650,00 €
RFV-CPBCP Beam Antenna579,00 €
RFV-CPB-PARTS KITParts kit for the CP Beam Antenna44,00 €
RFV-CX22CX22 Ceiling Antenna405,00 €
RFV-DFINDiversity Fin Antenna + Omni dipole449,00 €
RFV-DFINBDiversity Fin Antenna w/ Wallmount Black449,00 €
RFV-DFIN-PARTS KITParts kit for the Diversity Fin Antenna44,00 €
RFV-DFINWDiversity Fin Antenna w/ Wallmount White449,00 €
RFV-DISTRO4EDistro4 Antenna Distributor519,00 €
RFV-ILAMPAmplifier/Antenna Booster144,00 €
RFV-RACKPROERF Explorer RackPRO785,00 €
RFV-RFEXP-PARF Venue RF Explorer Pro Audio Edition499,00 €
RFV-RFSRF Spotlight Antenna535,00 €
RFV-RG8X2525' RG8X Cable; 7,6m84,50 €
RFV-RG8X5050' RG8X Cable, BNC-Male; 15m144,00 €
RFV-WAVETOWERRemote RF Spectrum Monitoring and Management System899,00 €

*Taxes: Recupel, Bebat, Auvibel,… not included.
All prices are excluding VAT.
Errors and omissions excepted. 



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