Introducing the world’s first Internet of Things- (IoT) enabled, professional-grade amplifier family – the CONNECTSERIES. LEA’s amplifiers offer Cloud Control for remote monitoring/controlautomatic updateseasy speaker tunings & system presets and on-the-go system performance data.

Distribution: Belgium & Luxembourg

LEA Professional Pricelist

Date: 01/07/2020
Ref: LEA010720
Connect 15044x 1500 W4659,00
Connect 1504D4x 1500 W + dante5355,00
Connect 1644x 160 W1639,00
Connect 164D4x 160 W + Dante2179,00
Connect 1688x 160 W2499,00
Connect 168D8x 160 W + Dante3041,00
Connect 30044x 3000 W6582,00
Connect 3004D4x 3000 W + dante7329,00
Connect 3522x 350 W1269,00
Connect 352D2x 350 W + dante1815,00
Connect 3544x 350 W1815,00
Connect 354D4x 350 W + Dante2359,00
Connect 7022x 700 W1815,00
Connect 702D2x 700 W + Dante2179,00
Connect 7044x 700 W2357,00
Connect 704D4x 700 W + dante2900,00
Connect 844x 80 W1449,00
Connect 84D4x 80 W + Dante1999,00
Connect 888x 80 W2134,00
Connect 88D8x 80 W + dante2679,00

*Taxes: Recupel, Bebat, Auvibel,… not included.
All prices are excluding VAT.
Errors and omissions excepted. 



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