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Kenwood offers a wide variety of hand-portable walkie talkies specifically designed for use in professional applications. Easy to use, comfortable, rugged and reliable.

Distribution: Belgium, Luxemburg.



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Kenwood Pricelist

Date: 01/03/2016
Ref.: KEN010316

TK3501EPMR446 Walkie/talkie. Incl. battery, clip, charger€ 169,00
TK3401DPMR446 - digital/analog walkie/talkie. Incl. battery, clip, charger€ 229,00
TK3302ECP5L7MSTK3302 + KNB45LM + KCS35SE + KRA27M€ 295,00
TK2302ECP5L6MSTK2302E + KNB45LM + KRA26M + KSC35SE€ 295,00
THK20ETalkie amateur - VHF FM portable transceiver€ 149,00
PKT-23EPMR446 - lightweight walkie/talkie. Incl. battery, clip, charger€ 135,00
KWR-1MWater-Resistant Bag€ 29,00
KVC-19Mobile Vehicle Charger - 12 V (1pc)€ 160,00
KSC-35SERapid Charger (1pc)€ 47,00
KSC-35SCRECharger Pocket€ 29,00
KSC-356EMulti Charger - only for KNB-45LM€ 539,00
KSC-316EMulti Charger - only for KNB-29NM or K53NM€ 539,00
KSC-24ECharger for KNB14, KNB15, KNB20€ 71,59
KPG-36UUSB Programming Interface - USB connection€ 99,00
KPG-22UMUSB Programming Interface - USB connection€ 99,00
KPG-173DMSoftware for TK3501€ 215,00
KPG-171DMSoftware for TK3401D€ 215,00
KPG-121DEProgramming software for TK3301€ 215,00
KNB20NMNi-Mh Battery (replace KNB14)€ 75,00
KNB-71LMLi-ion battery for PKT-23E€ 22,00
KNB-63LMLithium-Ion Battery for TK3501€ 34,00
KNB-53NMNi-Mh Battery (1400 mAh)€ 47,00
KNB-45LMLithium-Ion Battery (7.2 V / 2000 mAh)€ 59,00
KMC-45DSpeaker Microphone - IP55€ 70,00
KMC-21MCompact Low-Profile Speaker Microphone€ 50,00
KMB-35EMulti Charger Adaptor€ 260,00
KLH-197Nylon Case for TK3501€ 19,00
KLH-187Nylon Case for TK3401D€ 19,90
KLH-131Nylon Case for TK3301€ 18,00
KLH-120Soft Leather Case for TK3301€ 26,00
KHS22Headset€ 60,00
KHS1MHeadset with Vox & PTT€ 62,00
KHS-9BLThree Wire Palm Microphone Earphone€ 149,00
KHS-8NCTwo Wire Palm Microphone Earphone + Noise cancelling€ 92,00
KHS-8BLTwo Wire Palm Microphone Earphone€ 87,00
KHS-7ASingle Muff Headset Boom Microphone, PTT€ 109,00
KHS-7Single Muff Headset with Boom Microphone€ 75,00
KHS-34C-Ring in line PTT headset for PKT23€ 29,00
KHS-29FWHeadset with Boom Microphone & Ear Piece, PTT€ 49,00
KHS-21WSingle Muff Headset with Boom Microphone€ 65,00
KHS-10-OHNoise Reduction Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone€ 298,00
KEP-2Earphone Kit with 2.5 Plug for KMC-45€ 62,00
KBH-10MBelt Clip€ 11,00
EMC-12WClip Microphone with Earphone & PTT (VOX ready)€ 56,00
EMC-11WClip Microphone with Earphone (was EMC3)€ 38,00
C-100733Noise Reduction Ear Piece + tube€ 3,80
C-100569Ear Piece (sold / 10 pcs) for KHS8BL, KH9BL , KEP1, KEP2 - C800947€ 16,00

*Taxes: Recupel, Bebat, Auvibel,… not included.
All prices are excluding VAT.
Errors and omissions excepted. 



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