Frenetik designs and manufactures audio solutions that fit in network environments with Dante and PoE standards. They make amplified speakers, injectors/distributors, converters, interfaces, …

Distribution: Benelux


Frenetik Pricelist

Date: 01/09/2020
Ref: FRE010920
Core 1Dante™ PoE+ injector37,00
Core 4Dante™ PoE+ injector - 4 outputs159,00
Core 8Dante™ PoE+ injector - 8 outputs379,00
MikAnti-shock microphone desktop base Dante™ PoE+389,00
Rack mount bracketRack mount bracket for Transfer10,00
SMPSpeaker mounting pole 35mm screwing plate black20,00
Spik 3 - black3" coaxial self-powered loudspeaker Dante™ PoE+ black 259,00
Spik 3 - white3" coaxial self-powered loudspeaker Dante™ PoE+ white259,00
Spik 55" coaxial self-powered loudspeaker Dante™ PoE+ black269,00
Spik 66" coaxial self-powered loudspeaker Dante™ PoE+ black309,00
Spik Mount - black3 axis wall mounting bracket black25,00
Spik Mount - white3 axis wall mounting bracket white25,00
Spik Sub8" self-powered subwoofer Dante™ PoE+ black405,00
Spik Up8" self-powered ceiling speaker Dante™ PoE+ white265,00
Spik Up P8" passive celling speaker white85,00
TransferDante™ networked audio interface - 4x In / 4 out429,00
Transfer+Dante™ networked audio interface - 4x4 Line I/O - Phantom 48V459,00

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