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Fostex Pricelist

Date: 11/04/2018
Ref.: FOS110418b

6301NB (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", Unbalanced259,00 €
6301ND (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", AES EBU362,00 €
6301NE (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", jack + electrically balanced XLR274,00 €
6301NX (230V only)Powered Personal Monitor, 4", Balanced297,00 €
9610Mounting Bracket for 6301-series30,00 €
AR101Audio interface for ios devices174,00 €
AR-4iAudio Interface Unit for iPhone487,00 €
DC-R302Portable Stereo Recorder w/ 3ch mixer818,00 €
EB-6301Mounting Bracket for 6301N-series32,00 €
ET-E1.2Replace Cable (w/clasp) for TE04/ TE05, 1.2m22,00 €
ET-E1.2CReplace Cable (w/controller) for TE04 / TE05, 1.2m26,00 €
ET-H1.2N6Replacement Cable for TE-07/TE-05/TE05BK/TE05BZ70,00 €
ET-H3.0N7BLReplace Cable for TH900mkII / TH610, 7N Grade OFC Balanced Plug 3m268,00 €
ET-H3.0N7UBReplace Cable for TH900mkII/ TH610, 7N Grade OFC Unbalanced Plug 3m250,00 €
ET-RP1.2Replacement Cable for RPmk3, Orange / 1.2m16,00 €
ET-RP3.0Replacement Cable for RPmk3, Black / 3m16,00 €
EX-EP-05BReplacement earpad for TH-5B / TH-5BB / T-5 (pair)24,00 €
EX-EP-05WReplacement earpad for TH-5W (pair)24,00 €
EX-EP-07BReplacement earpad for TH-7B / TH-7BB / T-7 (pair)24,00 €
EX-EP-07WReplacement earpad for TH-7W (pair)24,00 €
EX-EP-50Replacement earpad for TH500RP (pair)52,00 €
EX-EP-61Replacement earpad for TH610 (pair)45,00 €
EX-EP-91Replacement earpad for TH900MKII (pair) (not available for TH900)52,00 €
EX-EP-RPmk3Replacement earpad for RPmk3 (pair)24,00 €
HP-A332bit DAC / Headphone Amp266,00 €
HP-A432bit/192kHz, 5.6MHz DSD DAC / Headphone Amp.357,00 €
HP-A4BL24bit/192kHz, 11.2MHz DSD DAC / Headphone Amp. Balanced Out Compati.433,00 €
HP-A8MK232bit DAC / Headphone Amp, 11.2MHz DSD playback Erp for EU available1.136,00 €
HP-P1Portable Headphone Amp/DAC for iPod/iPhone409,00 €
MC10STElectret Condenser Microphone, Stereo Set163,00 €
MC11SElectret Stereo Condenser Microphone186,00 €
MC32Electret Condenser Microphone, Shotgun158,00 €
PC-100USBVolume Controller with USB DAC76,00 €
PC100USB-HR2Volume Controller with built-in USB/DAC96,00 €
PC-1e(B)Volume Controller, Black23,00 €
PC-1e(W)Volume Controller, White23,00 €
PM0.3(B)Personal Powered Monitor, 3", Black (Pair)119,00 €
PM0.3(G)Personal Powered Monitor, 3"", Grey (Pair)119,00 €
PM0.3(W)Personal Powered Monitor, 3"", White (Pair)119,00 €
PM0.3Hd(B)Personal Powered Monitor, 3", Black (Pair)145,00 €
PM0.3Hd(W)Personal Powered Monitor, 3", White (Pair)145,00 €
PM0.4d(B)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", Black122,00 €
PM0.4d(G)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", Grey122,00 €
PM0.4d(W)Powered Studio Monitor, 4", White122,00 €
PM0.5d(B)Powered Studio Monitor, 5", Black188,00 €
PM0.5d(W)Powered Studio Monitor, 5", White188,00 €
PM-SUBmini2Active Subwoofer, 5"145,00 €
RM-21U Rack-mount Stereo Monitor736,00 €
RM-31U Rack-mount Stereo Monitor 473,00 €
ST300Headphone Stand63,00 €
T20RPmk2RP Type Headphone, Semi-Open132,00 €
T20RPmk3headphone, open149,00 €
T40RPmk2RP Type Headphone, Closed132,00 €
T40RPmk3headphone, closed type149,00 €
T50RPmk3RP Type Headphones, Semi-Open149,00 €
TE-02WP(B )Inner Ear Headphones, waterproof, Black20,00 €
TE-02WP(W)Inner Ear Headphones, waterproof, White20,00 €
TE04BKIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, Black61,00 €
TE04BLIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, Blue61,00 €
TE04RDIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, Red61,00 €
TE04WHIn Ear Stereo Headphones metal body & detachable connector, White61,00 €
TE05BKInner ear headphones, metal body & detachable connector, Black73,00 €
TE05BZInner ear headphones, metal body & detachable connector, Bronze73,00 €
TE100Stereo Earphones1.588,00 €
TH500RPPremium Headphones, Dynamic, open658,00 €
TH-5BDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, Black58,00 €
TH-5BBDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, All Black, reg package58,00 €
TH-5WDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, White58,00 €
TH600Premium Headphones, Dynamic, Closed568,00 €
TH610Premium Headphones, Dynamic, Closed, Cable Detachable599,00 €
TH-7BBDynamic Type Headphone, Semi-Open, All Black, reg package69,00 €
TH7BKDynamic Type Headphones, Closed-Back, Black70,00 €
TH7BLDynamic Type Headphones, Closed-Back, Blue70,00 €
TH7RDDynamic Type Headphones, Closed-Back, Red70,00 €
TH7WHDynamic Type Headphones, Closed-Back, White70,00 €
TH900Premium Headphones, Dynamic, Closed1.243,00 €
TH900 Upgrade KitTH900 Upgrade Kit from TH900 to TH900mk2466,00 €
TH900mkIIPremium Headphones, Dynamic, Closed, Cable Detachable1.324,00 €
TR-70(250)Stereo Headphones, Open, 250ohm198,00 €
TR-70(80)Stereo Headphones, Open, 80ohm198,00 €
TR-80(250)Stereo Headphones, Closed, 250ohm198,00 €
TR-90(250)Stereo Headphones, Semi-open, 250ohm198,00 €
TR-90(80)Stereo Headphones, Semi-open, 80ohm198,00 €
UR-2Stereo Rack Memory Recorder1.394,00 €

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