Drawmer remains an evident choice for producers, engineers and artists, and are installed in almost every major recording studio, live venue and broadcast facility.

Distribution: Belgium, Luxemburg.



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Drawmer Pricelist

Date: 30/10/2018
Ref.: DRA301018

19602U -Dual Vacuum Tube Compressor/Mic Pre-Amp1.847,00 €
19612U - Dual Vacuum Tube Equaliser1.916,00 €
19681U - Dual Vacuum Tube Compressor1.218,00 €
19732U - 3 Band Stereo FET Compressor1.218,00 €
19781U - Stereo Tone Shaping FET Compressor831,00 €
4X4R1U - Rackmount Active Splitter1.031,00 €
CMC2Compact Monitor Controller265,00 €
CMC3Compact Monitor Controller496,00 €
CMC7Compact 7.1 Surround Monitor Controller496,00 €
CPA-5050W PC Stereo Power Amp347,00 €
DA61U - Balanced Distribution Amplifier672,00 €
DL2411U - Dual Compressor/Limiter (Stereo Jack Inputs/Outputs)648,00 €
DL241B (XLR)1U - Dual Compressor/Limiter (Balanced XLR Inputs/Outputs)723,00 €
DL2511U - Dual Spectral Compressor828,00 €
DL4411U - Quad Compressor/Limiter869,00 €
DMS-2 D-Clock1U - Word Clock Measurement And Distribution Amplifier747,00 €
DMS-4 M-Clock Lite1U - AES Grade 1 Master Clock814,00 €
DMS-6 D-Clock-R1U - Dual Redundant Wordclock Distribution Amplifier898,00 €
DS101500 Series Noise Gate330,00 €
DS2011U -Dual Noise Gate595,00 €
DS4041U - Quad Noise Gate869,00 €
DS5011U - Dual Noise Power Gate682,00 €
ISTX-4X4Isolation Transformer for 4X4 (Kickbox & Rackmount)126,00 €
ISTX-DA6Isolation Transformer For DA-665,00 €
KICKBOX 4X4Portable Active Splitter1.031,00 €
LA121U - Line Distribution Amplifier554,00 €
MC1.1Monitor/Headphone Pre-Amp427,00 €
MC2.1Desktop Monitor Controller496,00 €
MC3.1Desktop Monitor Controller831,00 €
MC7.1Surround Sound Desktop Monitor Controller1.204,00 €
MCB Rack Kit2U Rack-mount kit for MC desktop range99,00 €
MPA-9090W PC Stereo Power Amp607,00 €
MXPRO-301U - Dual Gated Compressor Limiter424,00 €
MXPRO-401U - Quad Punch Gate241,00 €
MXPRO-501U - Dual Vocal De-Esser436,00 €
MXPRO-601U - Front End One - Channel Strip530,00 €
SIXPACK3U - Multi-Channel Surround Dynamics723,00 €
SL221U - Stereo Speaker/Headphone Protector / Sound Level Limiter511,00 €
SP21201U - Stereo Speaker Protector / Sound Level Limiter609,00 €
SP-TPCTamper Proof Cover for SP2120 & SL22 (C6870)70,00 €
TS2 Tubestation1U - Stereo Tube Compressor241,00 €

*Taxes: Recupel, Bebat, Auvibel,… not included.
All prices are excluding VAT.
Errors and omissions excepted. 



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