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Drawmer CPA-50

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Power Amplifier. (Ex-demo)

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Drawmer CPA-50

Power Amplifier

It pairs nicely with small speakers, thanks to its tiny footprint. Its high-performance Class D amplifier delivers a healthy 25 watts per channel into 8 ohms, and its efficient low-heat design is perfect for studio environments. You can use the Drawmer CPA-50 as a stereo power amplifier, or flip its internal jumpers and use it as a monobock in Bridged or Bi-amp modes. The CPA-50 employs top-shelf Neutrik XLR inputs and features over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-current protection.

The Drawmer CPA-50 Stereo Power Amp is the perfect partner for any passive speaker, and especially in the studio with a set of passive cube monitors. The latest incarnation of the Drawmer CPA-50 has had an upgrade over it’s predecessor, providing enhanced specifications that improve the audio quality and accuracy, giving it a cleaner and more articulate sound with higher clarity and detail across the frequency range, and also includes the benefit of a universal power supply.

Sitting between your monitor controller/pre-amp and a pair of passive speakers, the high performance Class D amplifier delivers 50Wrms per channel into 4 ohms (25Wrms per channel into 8ohms) and offers features including a universal power supply, thermal, overload and power up/power down protection and fault indication. With just a 6.5” square footprint, the Drawmer CPA-50 blends seamlessly with a pair of Yamaha NS10 or Auratone C5 monitor types, for example, and is small and light enough to fit into a bag to take anywhere.

In addition to working in stereo the Drawmer CPA-50 can also function as a 120Wrms into 6ohms Monoblock (set via internal jumpers), which allows the system to operate in bi-amped or bridged modes.

Features available on the Drawmer CPA-50 include:

  • 50+50Wrms into 4 Ohms.
  • 25+25Wrms into 8 Ohms.
  • 1x120W into 6 Ohms bridged mode.
  • Use as a Stereo amplifier or as a Monoblock in Bridged/Bi-Amp Modes (via internal jumpers).
  • Balanced Neutrik XLR input.
  • Efficient, low heat design with Low Power Consumption. Consumes only 6W of power when idling and <0.5W when in standby mode.
  • Improved specification: 115dB Dynamic Range; SNR = 101dB (1W 8 Ohms); 0.05% THD+N @ 4 Ohms; Crosstalk >80dB.
  • Thermal, voltage overload and current overload protection. Standby, fault and bridge indicators.
  • Improved universal mains power supply.
  • Rugged steel chassis. Desktop unit that can be stacked.
  • Compact and Portable.
  • Dimensions: L 165mm (184mm including connectors) x W 165mm x H 51mm.

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