Camco Vortex 6

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2 x 1350w 8ohm, 2 x 2300w 4ohm, 2 x3300w 2ohm, 1 x 6600w 1ohm

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Camco Vortex 6

2 x 1350w 8ohm, 2 x 2300w 4ohm, 2 x3300w 2ohm, 1 x 6600w 1ohm

Vortex Series

Precision, pure natural sonic performance and total power define the Vortex series. The difference; total care about audio design and integrity.

Pure Sonic Performance

Total precision and transparency is the trademark of the Vortex series, thanks to its careful design eliminating sound-deteriorating drawbacks right from the start. This is also evident in the Vortex Series exceptional low distortion values and excellent signal to noise ratio.

Flexible in Power & Application

The Vortex amplifier can easily switch between applications and speaker setups due to its unique power regime. This consists of an extensive power reservoir, stability down to 1 Ohm loads and the ability to run in Stereo, Bridge Mono and Parallel Mono operation modes.

Designed for Touring & More

With a weight of just 12,4 kg and designed for the demands of touring professionals the 2 RU chassis ensures exceptional reliability. All dynamic protection circuits are the result of the philosophy, “Audio-at-all times”.

Remote Control Included

The Vortex Series remote control system allows complete application freedom, from FOH to control room centre, the ability to control and monitor usage comes as a standard feature.

Optional Controller Module & Audio Network

All Vortex amplifiers can be upgraded with CAMCO’s advanced controller-modules, converting the Vortex into a complete loudspeaker management system. Network solutions via EtherSound or CobraNet offer stand alone Network option modules or combined DSP and Network modules.