Q: Does the PX5 replace the Xone:92?

A: No, the PX5 is a new design concept and is an addition to the Xone Series range of products.


Q: Is the PX5 an analogue mixer?

A: Yes, the Xone:PX5 is an analogue mixer that features an integrated 20 channel audio interface for digital connectivity.


Q: How many channels does the PX5 have?

A: The PX5 is a 4+1 channel DJ mixer. This means that there are 4 main input channels with 60mm VCA faders and 12 segment LED metering plus an additional Mic/Aux/USB Return channel with peak level indicator.

The 4 main input channels have 3 source input selector switches for Phono/USB/Line. The Aux channel has a 3 source input selector switch for Mic/USB/Line.

Each channel features 3 band EQ and can be assigned independently to the Cue, filter and x-fader. Each channel has its own dedicated send control for external FX processing and can be also be routed to the internal Xone:FX engine.


Q: Does the PX5 feature an internal audio interface?

A: Yes, the PX5 features a high quality 24 bit/96 kHz audio interface with 10 input & 10 output channels. The USB 2 soundcard is class compliant on mac.


Q: Can I use the PX5 with Traktor?

A: Yes, the PX5 features an internal soundcard which will enable you to run Traktor in external mixing mode and route each individual deck into its own dedicated channel.


Q: Is the PX5 a Traktor Certified mixer?

Yes, the Xone:PX5 Soundcard supports DVS control of Native Instruments’ TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 DJ software. Plug your PC/Mac into the Xone:PX5 and use the TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO 2 control media (control vinyl or CDs) to intuitively control and scratch with digital audio files stored on your computer.


Q: Is the PX5 a Serato Certified mixer?

A: No, the Xone:PX5 is not a Serato Certified mixer so the user would still need a compatible audio interface for DVS/timecode control of Serato.


Q: Is it possible to CUE the FX on the PX5?

A: Yes, the Xone:FX engine has its own dedicated CUE function.


Q: Is it possible to re-configure the routing of the Xone:FX?

A: Yes, the PX5 Xone:FX engine can be configured to be either an insert or send. In send mode it can be either PRE or POST fader. It is also possible to combine the internal Xone:FX engine with external FX for simultaneous use by setting the Channel FX Mode Select Switches to DUAL.


Q: What is X:LINK?

A: X:LINK provides power and MIDI data over Ethernet connection to our Xone:K Series controllers offering extended software control and reducing the number of USB connections


Q: Can I connect turntables to the Xone:PX5?

A: Yes, the Xone:PX5 has four phono inputs for connecting up to 4 turntables and also features 2 earth terminal connections for set-up flexibility.


Q: Is the crossfader replaceable?

A: Yes, the crossfader can be replaced or upgraded. The PX5 is also Innofader compatible. Crossfader replacement can be done by the user without invalidating their warranty

Q: Does the PX5 feature the Xone filter system?

A: Yes, the PX5 features the Xone voltage controlled filter (VCF) system offering high pass, band pass and low pass filters with adjustable resonance control.


Q: Does the PX5 feature a send & return?

A: Yes, the PX5 features a send & return for integrating external effect units. The PX5 also features a Hi-Z impedance switch for use with guitar pedals or legacy hardware.


Q: Is it possible to route the external return signal through the Xone filter?

A: Yes, it is possible to route the external return signal through the Xone filter system by engaging the filter switch located just below the external return volume knob.


Q: Does the PX5 feature split cue monitoring?

A: Yes, the PX5 features split cue monitoring which is very useful when beat mixing with headphones or when accurate local monitoring is un-available. It also features ¼” and 1/8” headphone connections for convenience and flexibility.


Q: Can I record my mix using the PX5?

A: Yes, it is possible to record using the PX5 using either the integrated audio interface or the dedicated record output.


Q: Does the PX5 send MIDI clock?

A: Yes, the PX5 can send MIDI clock through the USB connection or through the MIDI Sync Out connection for synchronizing to external MIDI hardware or software. It can also receive MIDI clock through the USB connection. PX5 also features tap tempo and the ability to bend the MIDI clock tempo, as well as start, stop, pause controls.


Q: Is it possible to change the MIDI channel on the PX5?

A: Yes, it is possible to change the MIDI channel (1-16) in the configuration menu on the PX5.



Q: Does the PX5 have MIDI functionality?

A: Yes, the PX5 is MIDI assignable to a wide range of MIDI compatible software, such as Ableton Live or Traktor. The PX5 sends MIDI CC and MIDI note information from the MIDI enabled controls.


Q: What FX does the PX5 feature?

A: The built-in FX technology of the PX5 offers new levels of manipulation with our stimulating delays, reverbs, modulators, flangers and distorters which are all assignable through simple hands on control for fine-tuning the FX, expressing the DJ’s inner creativity and further enhancing the performance.


Q: Does the PX5 feature adjustable fader curves?

A: Yes, both the PX5 channel faders and x-fader curve settings can be adjusted to suit your specific performance style.


Q: Can I connect a synthesizer or drum machine to the PX5?

A: Yes, channel A on the PX5 has ¼” jack inputs allowing for the connection of mono/stereo auxiliary or balanced line level music sources. You can also connect to line level sources using RCA to jack adaptor cables on channels 1-4.

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