Meet the team

Our XLR team is composed of specialists who will be happy to assist you
with the purchase, installation and continuity of your audio equipment.

You can choose to contact a particular XLR team member or go to our contact page to fill in our general contact form.

  • Louis Lukusa
    Louis Lukusa General Manager
  • Jan De Brucker
    Jan De Brucker General Manager
  • Nico Devroe
    Nico Devroe Area Sales Manager
  • Alexandre Aretz
    Alexandre Aretz Area Sales Manager
  • Frédéric Jakus
    Frédéric Jakus Area Sales Manager
  • Jan Moustie
    Jan Moustie Technical Support
  • Bjorn Lauriers
    Bjorn Lauriers Service Engineer
  • Abdelhak Elhabri
    Abdelhak Elhabri Order Processing & Logistics
  • Brahim Van den Brande
    Brahim Van den Brande Marketing Manager
  • Monique Di Vito
    Monique Di Vito Bookkeeping